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Pakistan is a country that is considered a third world terrorist hub. It is famous for housing to terrorist leaders. The other danger is that it is a country armed with nuclear weapons. Working as an aid worker in Pakistan is like signing death agreement however many have sacrificed and taken the risk of been part of UN jobs in Pakistan. The United Nations (UN) is trying the best it can to have people apply for those jobs. There are angers that face the aid workers in their day to day life in this poor governed country.

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The problem is that most of these jobs are contract jobs which do not last for along period of time. On one hand, this is an advantage but on the other hand it is wastage of time. With the threats that face these workers, it is somehow a suicidal job. Not forgetting the Pakistan is a notorious country.

On a contract job for instance that is lasting for only to years, a person will have to leave behind a family and after the period expires there is no grantee that the job will be secured for another term. That means after that period of suffering the person will g back to the drawing board to start job hunting. Putting into consideration the economic crisis the world is facing, this is like giving people a chance to taste the so called fortune and not getting to enjoy it.

Considering that Islamic insurgents are very popular there, and the governance is poor then there is no guarantee that safety is an ingredient of the Pakistani people and its visitors. The UN workers have fallen victims of attacks but these insurgents trying to discourage their involvement if the country affairs but practically the workers themselves are the ones who come face to face with the real act. This means that at the Individual level the pain is felt beyond the gains that made that person apply for the job.

Working for the UN in a country like Pakistan is a sacrifice a person makes. Despite the dangers that the work poses, the organization is working tirelessly to make sure that the innocent citizen is not forgotten. They are doing a recommendable job and they continue painting the picture of hope on the heart of the oppressed. The workers are encouraged to see changes the government is trying to make even though the changes effect is not felt by the affected. Considering that most victims are women and children, without an aid organization like the UN there would be more pain and loss of people to unimaginable level.

People working with the UN in Pakistan like any other responsible organization their security is an organizations top priority. They are compensated in case anything goes wrong. The organization also makes sure that its workers are guarded. Security is offered by the responsible government. Troops or police give them escort regarding to where they are going. The organization has also provided them with good vehicles to easy their job.

The organization is also facing various challenges one of the being uncooperative government. This sometimes makes their work hard but with the aim and a goal of helping stabilize the country, they are never discouraged. The United nation has sent aid workers, peace keepers and official to work closely with the government leaders to help them in bringing Pakistan to the headlines this time round with some positive reasons.

The aid workers are responsible for taking care of the sick, wounded or hunger stricken people. This is made possible through the inclusion of specialized personnel whose their work is to deal with people in disastrous state. Although these workers are having a rough time due to sometimes what is described as unstable state of religion. Throughout their endeavors, the organization is trying the best to educate the locals on the importance to embarrass civilization.

The United Nations is getting support form other organization to make their efforts of stabilizing the Pakistani government. The government of Pakistani is facing dangers of being overthrown by terrorist backed muslin insurgencies. The other facts that make Pakistani a UN top priority is the fact that the country is armed with nuclear weapons which the UN is against.

Under the UN declaration of member states, a country armed with nuclear weapons should meet the set rules which Pakistani has not so far. The UN officials should be involved in the assembling process and also they are allowed to inspect. This however has not been the case with Pakistani government which is blamed for being corrupt and unaccountable. This has led to conflicts between the Pakistani government and the UN.

With Pakistani government not putting into place measures to curb corruption and double interests within itself, there have been many cases of government members being accused for their involvement n terrorists activities. Under the UN a report shows that a quarter of the government is not office worth due to their conduct and activities. This has led to terrorists having it easy to hide in Pakistani and enjoy freedom and protection by the government.

This has made a number of organizations work to bring aid to the Pakistani people hard and difficult. Their workers sometimes are targeted by these terrorists and sometimes some of them succumb to their injuries. Due to these wars that the government is fighting stiffly, the people of Pakistani seem to loose hope of a peaceful nation.

The other problem that is making the UN job difficult is the presences of the deep rooted Muslim brotherhood movement if the government top offices. They are against the presence of the organization and its staff members. The United nation is forced to instill tough rules over the country for it is clear that it is becoming a global threat. Recently they deployed troops and they carried out air strikes on several camps believed to be operated by terrorists with the cognizant of the Pakistani government.

Working in Pakistani is a challenging job for the United Nation, but with the organization management structure their work seems easy from far but it is far form being easy. The life threatening conditions in Pakistan requires a brave heart and tolerance. Challenges in Pakistani are many ranging from security, cooperation, political and to some extent religion is also blamed.

UN Jobs In Pakistan

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